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Hello Everyone [08 Sep 2007|10:06pm]

Hi Everybody

I have played CS:S for awhile. I usually get on small little serges of wanting to play. Like having a week were I play loads of CS:S and then not playing for another month. I used to play WoW a lot but then stopped. and completely quit. So I have a 70 priest just collecting dust on the epics lol.

Anyways Just wanted to introduce myself.

Add me if you want more friends =Þ
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[04 Sep 2007|05:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey a cs addict here lol! Actually havnt been playing much lately but its sucha fun game im still stuck on 1.6! I have source just havnt gotten into it yet! You can play wiht me @ 24/7 Assault server
My clans website is www.kdoubt.net and my names MrsKnowledge! Look forward to playing with you!

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cs:s anyone [03 Jun 2007|06:33pm]

[ mood | bored ]

***x-posted in nycgeek group***

Does anyone in the NY/NJ area LAN in NYC or if not, just play CS:S? Just wondering because for some reason, as big as NYC is I don't ever run across anyone from the area when I play.

I'm usually always playing, have been playing for the past 3 years. I've played CAL, CEVO and ESEA. I don't play as competitively as I used to due to work and school. Lately it's just been lots of scrimming and pugs. Just wondering if there's anyone in the area that plays.

Lemme know :)

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New to the community [22 Apr 2007|04:56pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hola everyone.

Posting an introduction as requested. I play on CS 1.6, on the FEW Clan server (www.fewclan.com for our website). I started playing about 6 years ago, but took a 5 year break for life and et al. Now I'm starting up again - I don't have the reflexes of an 18 year old anymore *laugh*, but I hold my own.

Also as requested:

I am 50% addicted to Counterstrike. What about you?

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[22 Feb 2007|08:05pm]

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CS GOT HIGH [18 Feb 2007|02:12pm]

This is great everyone should watch!!!.

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Crosshair troubles [16 Oct 2006|06:08pm]

Hi guys. I'm playing CS 1.5 on a LAN with the guys on my floor at uni but all my weapons are fucked. The aiming is completely misaligned from the crosshairs. Is there any way I can reset it? I'm getting totally caned, despite being the best player here.

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[04 Oct 2006|02:24pm]

Hey there - just wanted to pass on a cs machinima piece i thought y'all might like
Deviation on CounterStrike

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Hi! [14 Jun 2006|05:36pm]

Hi ;') I'm new to the community but not to the game. Anyhow - if you guys are looking for a relax, fun, yet semi-competitive gaming atmosphere, you should check our server out!

IP: and you can visit us @ Stunt Bum! We are a 24/7 Office and Dust2 server. We also have our own Ventrilo server with a bunch of different channels for different games out there ;')

Hope to see you there!
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Power Outage [16 Apr 2006|05:22pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So get this my fello CS villians the power goes out the night i decide to spend the night at my friends house at where i use his cable connection to plays CS (becaue i don't have cable *tear*);so my rents make me come home to eat and right before i leave to go home for dinner the power goes out I got pissed. i get home my mom says " Yeah the trinders said it is only supposed to be off for about an hour thetn it will be fixed so that gave me hope. But NAY it did not so it was a night of sitting around at -={JL}=- Balistic Cows house reading our English assignment books and talking on the teles with out girls so then we decided to go outside and make some hotdogs over the fire in the rain using out boyscout tactics. Get back inside still not power we fall asleep and about 30 minutes later the power comes back on but by this time SYRUP and Balistic Cow are passed out dead because of work program. So i missed out on a whole day of game play sOo pissed i was Soo pissed.
-={JL}=- SYRUP

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24/7 fy_pool_day [06 Apr 2006|02:16am]

I really really so badly wish! That there was a CSS Server with 24/7 pool maps. I'd play it all day. There used to be one called Towlies, but they quit doing it for CSS. I havn't been able to find a good one for West Coast. If someone know's of one. Please post the appropriate information. :D
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CSS ICEWORLD 24/7 [05 Apr 2006|04:36pm]

I'm an admin at this server...were running on a pretty stacked out setup..come join!!!

New York - 24/7 fy_iceworld - Just frag it!
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Attention All Gamers! [22 Mar 2006|06:02pm]

Big Shot Gamming is hosting a LAN Party at CMU!

It will be held Friday, April 14 2006 @ 04:00 PM EDT - Saturday, April 15 2006 @ 12:00 PM EDT.

It will be located on the CMU Campus at CMU's Finch Field House, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.

We will have tournaments, food, prizes, all of that fantastic stuff!

Sign up for the Good Friday LAN and pre-pay now with PayPal! Prepay is $12.

The website to register at is http://www.bigshotgaming.com/. The sign up is on the main page on the right-hand side.

Thank you!
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CS:S! [17 Feb 2006|05:01pm]

So, I bought HL2 Source and have been playin that and CS Source again. Im not all that great anymore. I barely get 2:1's but its still fun as hell. GMod is fun as hell too.
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any super bloody mods? [22 Dec 2005|09:35pm]

Is there anything I could do to make cs:s more bloody, like, when they get shot, massive amounts of blood would come out?

Or, more blood on the wall behind people?

also, for those who don't know

http://goldeneyesource.com/ will release the goldeneye mod dec. 25th, the more players, the better :) (check it out)
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[21 Dec 2005|04:19am]

wow i love the new update for source soooo cool...got somescreenshotsCollapse )
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[19 Dec 2005|10:03am]

I'm sure some of you have heard this, maybe more, so don't flame me and say it's old, ok? Damn. >.> You're so mean to people who don't post much.

Anyways, my friend gave me this link not too long ago of this prank phone call someone made to 911 about CS...Just listen and you'll see. I found it funny as shit.


Tell me what you think, please!
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With the new CS:S update, my CS won't work. [02 Dec 2005|06:04pm]

[ mood | ...What the hell? ]

Hey, guys, I really don't post a lot on here, but I would really like ideas on what I should do.

You see, after the latest update of CS:S (December 01, 2005)my CS:S won't work. Everytime it gets to the loading screen, an error comes up and tells me to click ok to terminate the program.

To some of my other friends, it won't let them play because it says their STEAM account is being accessed on another computer.

I don't know the error exactly, right now, something about memory not being able to be read, but if asked, I can probably get it.

Please, if any of you know what is wrong, and what I could do without having to reinstall counter-strike, please tell me.

But if the only way is to uninstall CS...then...yeah. -sighs-

These is times when I really hate Valve.

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help!! [01 Dec 2005|09:39pm]

Hello everone! im not sure if anyone reads this stuff but once again, i need some help. my PC has a virus... its lagging the crap out of me. i can't play any games and it takes forever to do anything online. I have a " Trojan.Vundo" i have norton for my PC but that hasnt been able to get ride of it... iv'e tryed a few other things but still no luck... i really dont want to re-format my machine... but it looks like thats the only option i've got. anyone got some help for me?

Also, have anyone you tried the new steam games that are out or have seen the new one coming? im not sure what to think about them... :)


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N00B at C.S. [18 Nov 2005|01:05am]

I have played alot of hl2 but I just started playing C.S. To be honest I dont think I get the game. Why is it so much harder to get a kill in this game. The accuracy seems so off. What is the point of the Kevlar and the Helmet. I have taken so many shots and have 90% armor and 20% health. Is any shot to the head an insta kill.

I like the team concept of C.S. but i'm just having a hard time getting the feel of it. So I gess im justing looking for some tips.
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