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With the new CS:S update, my CS won't work.

Hey, guys, I really don't post a lot on here, but I would really like ideas on what I should do.

You see, after the latest update of CS:S (December 01, 2005)my CS:S won't work. Everytime it gets to the loading screen, an error comes up and tells me to click ok to terminate the program.

To some of my other friends, it won't let them play because it says their STEAM account is being accessed on another computer.

I don't know the error exactly, right now, something about memory not being able to be read, but if asked, I can probably get it.

Please, if any of you know what is wrong, and what I could do without having to reinstall counter-strike, please tell me.

But if the only way is to uninstall CS...then...yeah. -sighs-

These is times when I really hate Valve.
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