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Power Outage

So get this my fello CS villians the power goes out the night i decide to spend the night at my friends house at where i use his cable connection to plays CS (becaue i don't have cable *tear*);so my rents make me come home to eat and right before i leave to go home for dinner the power goes out I got pissed. i get home my mom says " Yeah the trinders said it is only supposed to be off for about an hour thetn it will be fixed so that gave me hope. But NAY it did not so it was a night of sitting around at -={JL}=- Balistic Cows house reading our English assignment books and talking on the teles with out girls so then we decided to go outside and make some hotdogs over the fire in the rain using out boyscout tactics. Get back inside still not power we fall asleep and about 30 minutes later the power comes back on but by this time SYRUP and Balistic Cow are passed out dead because of work program. So i missed out on a whole day of game play sOo pissed i was Soo pissed.
-={JL}=- SYRUP
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